/f to add str points.
    /a to add agi points.
    /v to add vit points.
    /e to add ene points.
    /c to add cmd points.
    /zen 99999999 to get zen.
    /post to talk in the post, the colors are different by vip.
    /pkclear to clear PK status.
    /reset to reset you character.
    /attack to use auto attack (helper-based configuration shortcut "Z").
    /offattack to attack offline(you can close the game after type the command)need type /attack before.
    /ware to open warehouse. ex: /ware 1 open warehouse 1(only vips).
    /buyware to buy warehouse.
    /rebuild to rebuild your character status.
    /clearinv to clear your primary inventory (be careful when using).
    /patent to get patent quests.
    /getitem to get patent quest item.
    /giveitem to deliver the quest item.
    /offer to offer in auction event. (ex: /offer 10)
    /bank to see your bank jewels.
    /bankadd to add jewels in your bank (ex: /bankadd soul 10)
    /banksub to pick jewels in your bank (ex: /banksub bless 10)
    /wcp to see the amount of wcp you have.

    Posted08 / 03 / 2020


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